The Sfera is the new snack machine from Necta, which offers many new and exciting innovations to ensure trouble free snack vending.
Available in a choice of layouts - snack only or snack, can and bottle - the Sfera is flexible and can be configured to vend a wide range of items.

The five direct selection buttons are ideal for vending popular items or, as the Sfera offers combined and virtual selection, they can be used for discounted multi vend packages.

It is also possible to program the machine to dispense each new selection from the next spiral (FIFO), which ensures that the machine always looks full and is ideal when several spiral contain the same product.

A vend detection system fitted to the Sfera are located in a separate compartment to the chilled area for displaying products. Therefore, the temperature is preserved whilst collecting cash and sales data from the payment units.

The innovative (patented) front hot air outlet allows Sfera to be safely located against the cooling unit, saving a valuable 10cm on the depth of the machine. Vended items can be easily accessed as the outward opening patented delivery bin has been designed for ease of use.

Operating the Sfera couldn't be easier with simple programming and flexible spiral and tray layouts. Spirals, motors and separators are simple to remove and trays can be adjusted every 1.5cm in height, allowing a wide range of items to be vended from the Sfera. Advanced 16-bit electronics ensure compatibility with a wide range of protocols, payment systems and GSM applications.

All of the above, combined with a designer looks, ensure the Sfera is a certain to appeal to a wide range of customers.


  • Flexible layout offering a wide range of drinks, snacks and confectionary
  • Cans and bottles can be vended from the same machine
  • Co-ordinating range of drinks, food and can vendors available
  • Double glazed door for safety and efficiency
  • Impressive capacity with up to 40 selections
  • Ergonomic delivery bin for easier collection of vended products - one hand operation
  • Vend detector system ensures customer satisfaction every time


Depth with Door Open1494mm
Net Weight290kg
Snack OnlySnack/Cans/Bottles
No. of Selections3640
Number of Trays-Standard6
Temperature of Snack Trays Uniform (8-12ºC) or varied (8-14ºC for snacks and 5-8ºC for bottles and cans)
Colour of Drawers Black
Spirals Colour Metal
Door colour Silver
Cabinet Colour Black
Door Material Display Double glazed laminated
Price Banks Programmable
Security Anti Vandalism keypad
Payment System Compatible with all major coin and cashless systems using Executive MDB or BDV protocol
Display 4 Line Alphanumeric LCD

Branded Vending,
Unit 9,
Heath Hill,

Tel: 01952 506555