It was in 1863, when Isaac J. Hilldrup operated two public houses in London, The Victory and The Hope, that the Hilldrup name first appeared in the catering industry. Now, more than one hundred and forty years later, Isaac J. Hilldrup is controlled and managed by his descendants. Hilldrup now operates a nationwide, branded, 24-hour vending service.

More and more companies, schools and universities are now opting to contract out their vending services. However, finding the right vending company with the competence and dexterity that offers quality and value for money is essential to any organisation.

Hilldrup realise that you need to be able to give your time, attention and resources to running your core activities, leaving the vending service to a professional company, like ourselves, whose strength lies in our flexible approach to offering a reliable and resourceful service.

As the educational and business world changes, so does its vending requirements. Many companies, schools and universities are expanding and investigating new territories and as a result need suppliers who can offer a flexible and effective service. Hilldrup's local management responsibility enables you to always have access to an executive who has an in-depth perception of your requirements.

Hilldrup offers an immense range of vending solutions, from executive through to staff restaurants, with a distinctive approach that flatters orthodox cuisine and branded products.

Although you will not operate the vending yourselves, you retain control. Contracts are individually written to suit each client, taking into consideration, established routines, standards, existing facilities, restraints and budgets. We take care of all daily time consuming tasks such as administration, stocking, operation and cleaning of the vending machines and training of staff. We are responsible for all food hygiene and safety obligations - that is why our staff are trained to the highest standards in food preparation, service and hygiene, so meaning better service and better customer care.

We place great pride in our purchasing priorities, believing that it is better to buy from local and national suppliers of prime quality produce. Buying cheaply can often mean buying twice.

With today's intrusive and energetic lifestyles, more people are using the vending service to provide their main meal of the day. Quality and content of food has a direct influence on the health and welfare of your employees and students, as well as helping to motivate them.

Branded beverages served with good food, well prepared and well presented, is one of the most important rewards for students and employees. With our own design and consultancy team at hand, we can design and equip the ideal vending for today's working and educational environment.

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